"What is wrong with your FAAAACE?!"

Star Wars The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7)

Star Wars The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7)


Harry S. Plinkett (aka Mr. Plinkett) is a senile, repulsive, curmudgeonus old man who enjoys Pizza Rolls, murder, and awful films. Played by either Mike Stoklasa or Rich Evans, Plinkett is the central character of the majority of RedLetterMedia productions. 


Allegedly born in 1906, Plinkett is a man with a lot of problems. He suffers from polio, dementia, alcoholism, partial blindness, and psychosis among other afflictions. He is prone to sudden acts of violence and other unpredictable and inexplicable actions. Plinkett appears to be very educated about the process of film making and is particularly knowledgeable of American science fiction entertainment, such as Star Wars and Star Trek , and sometimes makes in-depth reviews of films.

Some of his hobbies include drinking, gambling, murder, and having sex with his cat. Plinkett is the last living survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster and, by some accounts, was also responsible for sinking the ship.

Mr. Plinkett has been married multiple times, though all of his wives seem to mysterously die in tragic accidents. 

A Tale of Two PlinkettsEdit

The Plinkett character first appeared in a short film called You're Invited  and was original played by master thespain Rich Evans. The character was later adapted by hack fraud Mike Stoklasa for the purpose of making film reviews, and is the more widely known incarnation of the two. The Evans Plinkett is sometimes refered to as "Fake Plinkett" due to a misunderstanding from fans who are unaware that Evans originated the role.


Rich Evans as Mr. Plinkett.

There are a few subtle differences between the two Plinketts that distinguish them from each other. The Stoklasa Plinkett does film reviews while the other does not. The Evans Plinkett appears in the series Half in the Bag while the other does not. Stoklasa's Plinkett's face is never seen on camera. The Evans Plinkett lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while the Stoklasa Plinkett lives in Teaneck, New Jersey. Stoklasa's Plinkett is arguably darker and more psychologically terrifying than the other, though both are extremely creepy. The Evans Plinkett is a big fan of the televison series Night Court while the other has never mentioned it.